Tips for Saving Your White Shirt from Developing a Hard Surface When It Is Stained

One of the reasons some people do not like white shirts is because of the difficulty they present when it comes to dirt and stains. Sometimes sprays and hot water can’t clear stains and dirt on them. That’s why you won’t miss having some shirts which have developed a hard surface that’s almost impossible to remove. It, therefore, means that the only way out of the problem is to find tips for keeping your shirts especially the white ones from stains. These suggestions can help you:

Avoid wearing them When Performing Hard Tasks

Sweat usually causes stains and hard surfaces, especially on the armpits. But that’s not the only factor that leads to the formation of such surfaces. The antiperspirants we use also have a role when it comes to this great problem. To keep your white shirts from this issue, don’t wear them when you are doing those tough activities that will make you sweat profusely. White should ideally be for offices and other places where one won’t sweat a lot. With that, you won’t have issues with stains and hard surfaces.


Avoid Using Bleaching Agents When Cleaning

The science behind sweat forming a hard surface is that the sweat is a protein. When proteins come in contact with any bleaching agent, it turns yellow. You must have experienced such things if you’ve been using such cleaning agents. To save your shirts for developing that unwanted yellow color, avoid these agents by all means. It would be better to ensure that whatever you are using does not have the bleaching property. With that, you can rest assured of keeping those white shirts safe from stains, yellowish spots, and hard surfaces.


Use Appropriate Laundry Pretreatment Products

Laundering practices are very vital when it comes to eliminating stains. If you always use pretreatment products before laundering, stains won’t turn out to become hard surfaces. However, not everything sold out there as a pre-laundering treatment works well. Some are wrong and won’t help you. Therefore, explore the best ones and make use of them.


Clean Immediately When They Are Stained

Once you realize that your white shirt is stained, whether by sweat or anything else, act quickly. Leaving them to dry up will make the stain hard and almost impossible to remove. In fact, that’s one of the leading factors that contribute to turning stains into hard surfaces. So always be swift to swing into action if you want to save your shirt from the trouble of hard surfaces.

Now you know why your white shirts have those hard surfaces. You can keep them away and prevent them from developing. With the above tips, you are safe. They work, and every lover of white shirts applies them. Give them a try from now henceforth, and you’ll live to forget this menace of white shirts developing hard surfaces.